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Micro-100 Microscope

This equipment, developed for correct diagnosis in the otorhinolaryngology field, enlarges an area that cannot be checked with the naked eye to help treatment, operation, and procedure.

Product Specifications

Focus length of objective F=250mm
Magnification X2 , X4, X7
Working distance 190mm
Bulb 12V / 100W
TYPE Type Stand, Unit attach type

Parameter of Binocular tube

Inclined binocular tubes 45▲
Diopter adjustment range ÷6D
Pupil distance range 50mm// 70m
Height of eyecups 18mm

Parameter of illumination

6 + 0 Coaxial illumination Maximum intensity 30000Lx or up

Parameter of position adjustment

Maximum stretching radius of arm 870mm
Vertical movement range
(from floor to front surface of big objective)
Range of fine focusing adjustment 30mm

Parameter of Electric

Input voltage AC 110/220V 50㎐
Input power 120VA
Bulb 12V/100W
Voltage 220V
Frequency 60Hz
Weight 40Kg
Dimension (W x D x H) (W)180 ×(D)60 ×(H)170mm